Sky Dynasty is a deck builder game played in rounds with a 10 card hand. Players compete for control over seven different locations each round by secretly dispatching cards in dispatch phases. Each location offers unique advantages such as purchasing cards, gaining money, or earning influence (victory points).

Sky Dynasty is unique in that it employs simultaneous play in stages rather than turns. Players must make decisions on where and when to dispatch their cards simultaneously with opponents. Do you split up your forces to different locations in hopes of winning multiple areas, concentrate your forces on one area for a more assured victory, or play off your less important cards to buy time and see what your opponents will do? Players must choose wisely in order to be victorious.

You can get a feel for the game play by checking out the play video.  You can also view the Sky Dynasty Rule Book, and check out all the game cards.

The Sky Dynasty Story

Sky Dynasty began in its current form in January of 2015.  In August of 2015, after months of fine tuning, play testing, and preparing for production, Sky Dynasty campaigned on with hopes of raising enough funds for an initial 500 game production run.  However, the campaign did not reach its funding goal.

In September, Sky Dynasty campaigned on again, and with the help of several loyal supporters, the creators of Tabletopia were commissioned to create a digital version of the game on their website.

Tabletopia Version

Sky Dynasty campaigned again on Kickstarter after being revised for a 100 game goal in September 2016.  Unfortunately the project once again failed to reach its funding goal.

While the current design of the Sky Dynasty game originated in early 2015, I have always been fascinated with game design and strategy game mechanics, and have devoted a lot of time to experimenting with different ideas. 

Sky Dynasty really began around the year 2003 when I experimented with and developed a scifi themed tabletop game concept.  Later in 2007-2008, I created a Warcraft III based computer game using concepts from tabletop game.  Many of the ships found in Sky Dynasty resemble those early concepts and even bear many of the same names.  Now looking back, I realize that Sky Dynasty is the result of a strong passion for strategy games that has been evolving my entire life.

I am hopeful that the future will bring many new and exciting developments to Sky Dynasty, and I hope to someday be able to continue in my commitment to share this great game.